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An introduction to FBC

Pakboats is joining forces with Ralph Hoehn who imports the Pouch line of folding kayaks from Germany, and we are forming a new entity that will be called the Folding Boat Center.

In addition to Pakboats and Pouch, the Folding Boat Center will offer several other lines of folding kayaks. The end result will be that the Folding Boat Center will offer "one-stop shopping" for anybody who is looking for a folding boat.

Starting this spring, the Folding Boat Center will stock the following lines:


PakCanoes - expedition grade folding canoes for those hard-to-get-to wilderness rivers.
Puffin - super light, simple and compact packing kayaks for light touring, fishing and recreation. Kayaks conveniently convert to open boats. Keep one in your trunk at all times!


These traditional style wood-framed kayaks are made in the former East Germany. The manufacturer has adapted to the higher quality expectations of the west, and Pouch is now shipping boats that equal the quality of their more famous West German competitor. And Pouch's hull shapes and prices are better.


This small kayak is the first folder built in China. Ralph provided design input. The Atlatl is truly backpackable, very quick and easy to assemble and excellent for light coastal touring.

First Light Kayaks

High-tech touring kayaks from New Zealand. The lightest kayaks avaialble.


Full-size sea touring kayaks form Russia. Budget priced and functional with efficient paddling hulls.


Offering a great selection of folding boats is important, but as a customer, you need solid advice to make sure you get the right boat. In Alv and Ralph we have a team that is pretty hard to beat.

Ralph has been an active user of folding kayaks for over 30 years. Along the way he has acquired a solid understanding of what makes a folding hull work, and he has been actively involved in several design projects.

Alv has been around folding canoes for 25 years as a paddler and distributor, and for the last 8 years as a designer and manufacturer of the two Pakboats lines.

We will sell boats out of the same space that is used for production of Pakboats. Not very flashy, but if you want your boat outfitted right, being next to the tools and work benches is not a bad idea. If you visit us, you can test boats on a lake near by.









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